FRUSTRATED residents in an area of York are still searching for the explanation behind a mysterious noise keeping them awake at nights and blighting their lives.

Paul and Keiko Croft, of Clay Place Acomb, first noticed the unexplained buzz in mid December.

But despite weeks of investigations they are still no closer to finding the source of the noise.

The low-frequency hum flicks on and off every few seconds. It is barely audible and is drowned out by normal background noise through the day, but at night becomes instrusive.

Since starting in December it has disturbed their sleep so much that both Paul and Keiko have had health problems.

Paul said: “It’s all right for me because I go out to work, but my wife is at home all day and can’t get away from it.”

They have reported the problem to the council, and had engineers from mobile phone providers and electricity companies out to the area to see if their masts or power lines are behind the problem.

And since The Press first reported the Crofts’ plight a neighbour has come forward saying she has heard the mystery noise, and people from as far afield as Liverpool and Scotland have contacted Paul and Keiko to say they have had similar experiences.

Paul now believes the noise could be coming from machinery like a generator running constantly, but has not managed to track down the source.

He thanked everyone who has been in touch or helped the couple, including council and utility workers, MP Hugh Bayley, and members of the public.

He said: “We feel a lot better knowing there are people out there concerned about this.”