A PARKINSON’S Disease sufferer from York is pressing ahead with a trip to Ukraine for pioneering stem cell treatment - despite growing political turmoil and personal difficulties in getting insurance.

The Press reported earlier this month how James DeLittle, 49, of Broadway West, Fulford, was hoping the two-day course in the capital Kiev will tackle his worsening condition, lessening symptoms such as poor balance, tremor, difficulties controlling his limbs and slurred speech.

The treatment, which involves foetal stem cells being injected into his stomach and arms, will cost about £7,000. The former St Peter’s School pupil believes he will be the first person from the UK to receive it.

His mother Rosemary revealed today that after reading the newspaper’s report, several relatives and friends of the family had made additional donations towards the bill, including one man who had known James’ late father when he was a child and had sent a cheque for £100. “I was very touched,” she said.

She said she had been worried about the impact of clashes in Kiev, involving large crowds of pro-EU demonstrators rallying against new laws restricting public protests, but had been assured by the treatment centre that it was not affected.

A bigger problem was that James had been unable to get any travel insurance for the trip because of his condition, and would have to go without any and simply hope for the best. He is due to fly out next Monday.