BUILDING work starts on an East Yorkshire church today thanks to a £50,000 grant.

Pocklington Christian Fellowship has received the funding boost from WREN, a not-for-profit organisation that awards grants to community, environmental and heritage projects across the UK.

The inside of the building in Chapmangate will be completely gutted, as internal walls are knocked down to facilitate the construction of a brand new first floor.

Alan Spademan, pastor of the Fellowship, said: “This will provide two spacious rooms for our church services and enable us to offer community activities.

“We are really looking forward to our building being used by a diverse cross-section of our community, from people with learning difficulties to OAPs, as well as our congregation.

“It is fantastic that WREN has made funds available for a project like ours.”

The project had been delayed by six months due to contractual issues, but building work was due to begin today.

Phil Bradish, elder, trustee and treasurer of the PCF, said: “Eighteen months ago it looked a non-starter, but within a year, all the funds required were in place.”

The WREN funding is being supplemented by grants from eight other organisations, as well as contributions from the congregation.