A CYCLIST was knocked over and his bike destroyed in an accident in York at the weekend.

The crash happened in Blossom Street, outside Reel Cinema, at 9.45am on Sunday.

Tom Mitchell said he was cycling along Blossom Street when he was involved in the accident, which he said saw him thrown into the windscreen of the Volvo.

While he escaped serious injury, his bike was badly damaged.

Mr Mitchell said: “I was attended to by an off-duty nurse and then a paramedic.

A number of passers by kindly stopped to help. I cycle several thousand miles a year and it’s damaged my bike beyond repair and left me concussed and bruised with a number of aches and pains.

“I count myself lucky to have escaped serious injury.”

Police remained at the scene for more than an hour.

The road was not closed, North Yorkshire Police confirmed.