THE victim of an attack in York is still in hospital but his condition is improving, his family have said.

Anthony Lansbury, 51, was left in critical condition with serious head injuries after he was attacked in Melrosegate, York, in the early hours of Thursday, September 5.

Mr Lansbury underwent surgery at Hull Royal Infirmary to remove a blood clot from his brain, and is now in a stable condition on a ward at York Hospital.

Kim Farrar, Mr Lansbury's sister, said: “His memory is still bad. He knows who we are but forgets things. My son came to see him and he’d forgotten that, and his talking is still a bit slurred.

“The nurse says it will be a long time before he’s at a point where he gets back to he was, if he gets back to how he was. They are with him all the time, and eventually they may have to move him into a residential home for a bit for more treatment.”

Mrs Farrar also said: “He’s still very tired but staying conscious and he knows who we are. It’s going to be a long and slow process, and we still don’t know how much damage has been done.”