A PROJECT has begun at an East Yorkshire school to create a fully functional biplane.

About 60 pupils at Goole High School are lined up to work on The Spirit Of Goole project, which will see the two seater biplane used to offer flying lessons to students and members of the public, from its eventual home at Breighton Airfield.

The fuselage and tail, which have been built to order by a specialist company in Norfolk, will be delivered to the school for the September term, and every pupil who works on it will get to ride in it.

In total, the scheme needs around £50,000 to get off the ground, and the school is only the fourth participant School Build A Plane programme in the country.

Project manager and ex-RAF airman Jack Milnes said: “It is absolutely fantastic that we can get started on the project in September as it will be really exciting for the students to actually get involved in the hands-on part.

“We have received fantastic support from parts of the business sector, including sponsorship from BAE Systems, the Goole Lottery and, most recently, from Drax Power. However, we would love to hear from others who would like to support the scheme.”

The scheme is supported by the Youth and Education Support strut of the Light Aircraft Association, and any individual or company has the chance to get their name on the plane by raising or donating £50 or more, thanks to the creation of 470 display slots on the aircraft.

To buy raffle tickets or make a donation to support the scheme, contact Jack on jackmilnes@thespiritofgoole.co.uk or go to thespiritofgoole.co.uk