A WEB-SLINGING York window cleaner is winning new customers after deciding to do his rounds dressed up as comic book superhero Spiderman.

Sydney Rooth, of Poppleton, hit upon the idea after noticing he shared a birthday with Spiderman’s young alter ego, Peter Parker.

After finding a his red-and-blue costume on internet auction site eBay, 30-year-old Sydney said it was proving popular and was bringing in plenty of customers for his new business, SAS Style windowcleaners.

He said: “I work up ladders and at heights and I just thought it made perfect sense. I’m getting lots of work in since I went for out in the costume for the first time on Sunday.

“Kids love it. They don’t actually think I’m Spiderman, but they do shout up at me and want to know why I’m wearing the costume. It’s got me lots of work.”

Sydney, who recently moved to York from Newquay, said friends were initially sceptical about donning the costume and taking on the role of friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

“Everybody who thought it was a silly idea now knows it’s taking off. One person said I wouldn’t get any work at all.”