A BRAVE York charity worker has agreed to have the design of her next tattoo chosen by those who donate cash to a charity project in India.

Emma Milligan, 24, from Acomb, said the name of anyone who donates a minimum of £5 will be picked from a jar later this month, with the winner deciding what and where her tattoo will be.

“I have a tattoo jar and it’s full of suggestions,” she said. “At the end of the three weeks I will be picking a design.

“My tattoo idea is a bit out there, a bit silly maybe, but it will hopefully give me the opportunity to raise money and help to make sure developing countries can benefit from the work of future volunteers.

“I have a target of £800, and am planning to go above that. I will also be bag-packing, having a car boot sale and a wine and cheese night at Blue Fly café in York.

“It’s my first time fundraising, so I’m putting my all into it, so I’m hoping everyone will give generously.”

Emma said this will be the second tattoo she has, the other being a small oriental “ying and yang” symbol.

However, when it comes to her next design she does draw the line at anything offensive, and says it must be on a part of the body which can be covered up.

Emma plans to donate the money raised to the Raleigh ICS charity, an organisation which allows young people to travel to developing countries and work on major projects, such as Jayapura, India, where Emma is going for ten weeks in June.

She said: “The project I will be working on is run by the development charity Raleigh International, which aims to improve access to sanitation while educating people about health and hygiene.

“We will construct sanitation and farming units and focus on development training. Another great thing about Raleigh is the ‘Action at home project’, where awareness will be raised in our own communities when we return.”

To sponsor Emma, visit justgiving.com/emma-milligan

To find out more about ICS or to apply, visit ics-uk.org.uk or phone 0208 780 7400.