STUDENTS at the University of York are campaigning to have a national newspaper banned from being sold in their campus shop.

A Facebook event entitled “York Uni SU: stop profiting from offensive publications” was posted on the social network, prompted by The Sun’s front page following the death of Reeva Steenkamp which showed photos of the model in a bikini.

Some students took exception to the paper’s front-page headline “3 shots, screams, silence, 3 more shots” alongside the photographs of the scantily clad woman.

Helena Horton, one of the students objecting to the paper being on sale on campus, said: “I am not in favour of censorship and have no real problem with the presence of ‘lad mags’ and The Sun on campus.

“But I do not think that our union, which is supposed to help and represent us, should be selling discriminatory material in its shop.”

Initially the campaign aimed to get all publications with sexist content including “lad mags” banned, but students have since narrowed the field to The Sun alone.

A referendum on the same issue in 2011 did not result in a ban. Students held a debate on the matter on campus on Friday.

Student welfare officer Bob Hughes said: “A number of students approached the Students’ Union with an idea to withdraw The Sun from being stocked in our Union shop.

“We welcome debates on either side as it is something that a lot of students feel passionately about either way, and it will be put to a student vote next term.

“We really hope that students engage with the issues and feel able to participate in the discussions, and we will gladly take appropriate action based on what students vote for in the upcoming student vote.”