A YORK bar has apologised over the upset caused by a “stupid decision” to name a drink after an illegal date rape drug.

Evil Eye Lounge, in Stonegate, this week decided to promote its “Rohypnol shot”, after the controversial drug, on its Facebook page, quickly attracting online complaints.

It said: “We wouldn’t be Evil Eye if we didn’t fight against the grain and get under people’s skin a little... so may I introduce the Rohypnol shot and Tough Love cocktail! Our anti- Valentine’s day is coming along nicely!”

Online commenters were quick to condemn the name of the drink which is a mix of Creme de Mure, Baileys and red absinthe.

Dave Hartley, who works at the bar and oversees the online material, said there was a “pretty even split” of opinions on Facebook about the new name, but the bar decided it would be best to change it.

He said: “Within five minutes of putting it up on Facebook, we realised it was a stupid idea, and took it down and apologised.

“A lot of people started thinking it was a publicity stunt on our part, but it wasn’t. It was just a stupid decision by the three of us.”

The advertisement was swiftly removed from the bar’s Facebook page, and replaced by an apology which read: “Well, it seems we went too far yet again.

“We apologise for any offence caused to anyone and would like to say at no point do we support the spiking of drinks in any form.

“It was just a name for a cocktail, just as ‘Blood From A Cat’s Face’ doesn’t support cruelty to animals and ‘Kick In The Head’ doesn’t support violence of any kind. We do our utmost to prevent such events taking place in here and have had no incidents in here that we’re aware of.”

Press reader Ashley Porter said the decision showed “poor judgement”, and that although the bar had removed the status, it seemed “like something they should apologise for”.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “Sexual violence is not something anyone should ever take lightly.

“Treating it in such a frivolous manner is utterly irresponsible.”