YOUNGSTERS at a York secondary school earmarked for closure are putting on a final show for one night only.

An Evening With Burnholme is all about celebrating the talents of students at the city’s smallest secondary school which is due to shut next year.

Event promoter, music and drama teacher Philippa Myers said: “Despite the school’s closure looming, this event will show the audience and the local community that regardless of the future, the students have not lost their commitment and dedication to the arts.”

Mrs Myers said the students had organised it themselves so it deserved to do well and the cabaret-style evening would be full of performances by singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and artists.

He said: “The thing about Burnholme students is they never give up, regardless of their uncertain future; they just keep going and never stop smiling.

“Our students are one in a million and this event will be proof of that. They have such an ambition to do well and a drive to succeed. I have never met students quite like them before. I have been very lucky to teach such a fabulous cohort of individuals.”

The school will close in July next year, but it is still business as usual at the moment.

Mrs Myers said: “I would urge any ex-members of staff, ex-students, members of the local community and people who would like to come and show their support to this wonderful event to buy their tickets quickly to avoid disappointment.

"The students have so much enthusiasm to perform and have worked tirelessly to ensure that they can fill the audience space with support, we would love it if you could come.”

The night on Thursday, March 21, starts at 6.30pm at the school. Tickets are £1, including a free drink. They can be purchased on the door, or in advance by phoning York 551800.

Burnholme Community College’s fate was sealed by City of York Council in July last year after it was deemed too small to survive because only 40 students had applied to go there last September.