THE body of a stolen rabbit was found in the grounds of a York primary school.

North Yorkshire Police have appealed for help in investigating what it described as a “mindess act of cruelty.”

The animal was one of two rabbits stolen from a hutch in the garden of a house in Wharton Avenue, Clifton.

The theft took place between 8pm on Sunday 27 January and 7am the following day.

“Sadly, one of the rabbits was found dead in the grounds of Clifton Green Primary School on the morning of Monday January 28,” said the police spokeswoman.

“This was a mindless act of cruelty which has left the owner extremely upset at the loss of her pets.”

Dave Brown, the school’s head teacher, said the rabbit was found by the site manager early in the morning before children had arrived at the school.

The Press was unable to speak to the owner of the rabbits.