A MARATHON-OBSESSED fun runner who has won the title “fastest marathon by a man dressed as a baby”, will be among those competing in the Yorkshire Marathon in York on October 20.

Mike Brigham, 40, of Clifton Moor, only took up marathon running relatively recently, but in the last four years has taken part in 11 such endurance challenges.

His passion for the marathon has taken him around the world – from London to Barcelona and Milan and Ljubjana in Slovenia – and seen him dress in fancy dress costumes to compete on behalf of charity.

Mr Brigham’s efforts earned him a place in the Guinness Book Of World Record when he beat the previous fastest time of 3 hrs 13 mins by 90 seconds to become the fastest man to run a marathon dressed as a baby.

He took part in the marathon in aid of York’s Special Care Baby Unit which had looked after both of his children.

He said: “When I saw that the previous fastest time for a marathon dressed as a baby was 3 hrs 13 mins, I couldn’t resist the challenge.

“And I did it...just. I had 90 seconds to spare in the end. I was running on empty for the last few miles but the challenge kept my feet moving.”

He had previously run the London Marathon dressed as Darth Vader from Star Wars to shouts of “Use the Force, Darth”. “It seemed like a good idea at the time!", he said.

Mr Brigham, who works as a project planner for Network Rail, said he had been looking into competing in the Amsterdam marathon when the announcement was made that there was to be a marathon in York in October.

He said he would be pleased to run the course in under three hours, which he has managed once before in Barcelona.

He said the thought of not taking part “didn’t compute” and he quickly registered.

“It’s the first one, there’s a real buzz about it,” he said. “It’s going to be great for training because there will be so many people out. York is a lovely place to go running.”

In terms of advice to other runners, he said: “All the things you read are true: don’t do anything different on the day, don’t drink too much, don’t drink too little; have a fuelling plan; don’t set off too quickly, training is essential.

“Follow that and you won’t go far wrong but remember – there's no such thing as an easy marathon.

“Good luck and see you at the start line and, of course, the finish.”