A YORK MP says he is worried about the future of flood insurance for residents in the city whose homes have been hit by rising river levels.

Julian Sturdy, who represents York Outer, met Naburn residents and flooding agencies in the village, which has been badly affected by floods in the past, with the aim of drawing up an action plan to prevent further problems.

He said: “Of particular concern to me is that the Government’s agreement with the insurance industry, guaranteeing the continuity of cover for homes at high risk of flooding, is due to expire in June.

“I will continue to put pressure on the Government to negotiate a new agreement and ensure my constituents are not left without any flooding cover at all.

“I also believe they deserve a better agreement, where flooding insurance is more available and affordable than at present.”

The meeting was also attended by the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, City of York Council, the Drainage Board and parish councillors, as well as Wheldrake councillor George Barton, who said: “The villagers’ resolve to improve matters through their own physical endeavours and help from key environmental agencies is truly remarkable and shows true grit.”