MORE than 200 people have tried and failed to complete a challenge to eat a mammoth 6lb burger meal, a North Yorkshire diner has said.

Although hundreds of competitive eaters have flocked from across the region to Uncle Joe’s Roadhouse and Grill near Flaxton, its owners have said that no-one has yet been able to complete the meal, which includes 2lb of beefburger, a 1lb bread roll, 2lb of chips and 1lb of beer-battered onion rings.

The closest anyone has come was York man Will Brannon, who admitted defeat with 8oz of food to go.

The challenge is North Yorkshire’s answer to the American television programme Man v Food, which follows presenter Adam Richman as he tours the States attempting extreme eating challenges.

Co-owner Sarah Thompson said: “We get groups of people – it’s a male bravado thing and a fight to the finish to see who can eat the most. This Friday, we have 40 people coming.

“We do challenges featured in Man v Food. In the UK, it’s so rare that people who love the programme come from all over.

‘‘I get people coming from Wakefield and Leeds just to do the challenges.”

Whoever completes the 6lb burger challenge will have the meal officially renamed after them and will also be refunded the £20 cost in vouchers.

Those who managed to finish the meal would have their photograph put on a wall of fame and those who did not, a wall of shame, she said.

Other challenges involve “atomic wings” – which includes 12 super- hot chicken wings – and “the farmyard challenge”, a 5lb “meat fest” consisting of slow cooked pulled pork, 17 sausages, three griddled chicken breasts, 1lb of locally reared beef chilli, a 1lb bucket of mashed potato, 1lb of onion rings and a jug of gravy.

In addition, the “Man v Dog” challenge includes two 2ft chilli dogs containing 14 hot dog sausages. And “Pancake problem” includes 3lb of buttermilk pancakes, half-a- pound of blueberries and five scoops of ice cream.

Acomb GP Dr Brian McGregor said: “Obviously this is a trend coming from America. I would imagine you are looking at getting on for 4,000 to 5,000 calories for one meal – the recommended amount is 2,500 for a healthy adult male. All this excess energy will be converted into fat.”

He said those who finished the meal were likely to feel sick and constipated and he said he would also be concerned about the impact of eating such a substantial amount of meat on the kidneys.