WITH his moustache and bright blond hair, Wojtek Gorczynski bears more than a striking resemblance to television personality Keith Lemon.

But the 63-year-old Dunnington man said his likeness to the Celebrity Juice host is becoming a problem as he is now regularly stopped and asked if he will have his photograph taken by passers-by.

Mr Gorczynski said: “Everywhere I go now I am being hounded. Everywhere I go I have to have photographs taken as Keith Lemon – they are putting them on Facebook.

“People pap their horns in the street and shout, ‘Keith!’ “I want to meet this guy to see if he is as funny as I am.”

The retired cleaning manager said his resemblance to the ITV star – who is played by English comedian Leigh Francis – is spoiling his regular fishing trips to Bridlington.

He said: “I like the peace and quiet, but when I go fishing on the pier tourists hound me for photographs.”

Mr Gorczynski, who said he has had the same hair style all his life, said he first realised he had a likeness to Keith Lemon when he spotted him on television. He said his sister, Alina, also called to say she had seen him on a television programme. “When I saw him on the TV I said, ‘He has copied off me!’, Mr Gorczynski said.

The comic, who first found fame with his Channel 4 Bo! Selecta series in 2000, has seen his fictional Lemon character become a household name after hosting the ITV show – which has become renowned for its outrageous games and jokes – with Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton.

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