TALENTED teenager Luke Charters-Reid has the world at his feet.

At the age of 17, the Huntington School sixth-former has two of the world’s top universities offering him a place.

Luke, of Haxby, has been given an unconditional offer to study in America at the University of Chicago along with a scholarship of more than a quarter of a million dollars to help cover the expenses for his four-year course, but he has also been offered a place at Mansfield College, Oxford, to study politics, philosophy and economics.

The teenager, who wants to become a politician and who introduced Ed Miliband on stage after he was elected as Labour leader, said he was caught in a dilemma between going to Oxford or studying in the USA.

Luke said: “It’s a really hard decision to make. I originally wanted to do PPE (politics, philosophy and economics) at Oxford and applied to the U.S. as a Plan B, but I didn’t know then what the offer would be and I am waiting to hear back from Harvard at the moment. I am just completely chuffed at the moment. I really still haven’t decided and one day I think it should be Oxford and the next, Chicago.”

Luke’s application to study in America was put together with the aid of the Sutton Trust, which helps state school students with their applications to top universities. He also attended a summer school in the U.S.

His head teacher, John Tomsett, said he was immensely proud of Luke. He said: “Beyond being a highly talented young man, Luke has always worked tirelessly; he is one of the most determined students I have ever encountered in my 25-year career.

“He commits himself to every initiative he undertakes and shows real grit when he meets with difficulties. Of anyone I have taught, Luke deserves to be successful. This is a life-changing opportunity for him.”

Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust, said: “I congratulate Luke on his tremendous achievement. I am sure he will gain greatly from his American university experience. Our summer schools offer a fantastic opportunity for some of our brightest young people to get a taste of life on campus at some of Britain’s and America’s greatest universities.”

How the cities compare

Population: 2.7 million
Industry: Boeing, Kraft Foods
Crime: 435 homicides (2010)
University of Chicago Alumni: novelist Philip Roth
Twinned with Birmingham

Industry: Mini car plant, Oxford University
Crime: 1,167 violent crimes (2012)
Mansfield College Alumni: philosopher Pamela Sue Anderson
Twinned with Perm, Russia