THE winner of The Press Lendal Bridge photo competition proudly holds his prize at the exact spot from where he took his winning picture.

As well as two family passes for York Boat and a £20 voucher for The Maltings pub, James Gunn, 32, is now the proud owner of a tiny piece of York’s history taken from the bridge itself.

The damaged piece of Victorian ironwork was taken from the bridge and replaced in 2000. However, after being restored by engineer Philip Crowder it was then donated as a prize.

Mr Gunn, whose winning picture, above, shows the bridge in all its splendour on a still winter night, said: “When I heard I had won a piece of the bridge I thought it was going to be an old girder, but this is a lovely piece of cast iron.

“I may mount it in the garden on the wall.

“It’s a proper bit of history.”

Our competition was held to mark the 150th anniversary of the bridge.