A YORK film company is hoping to attract funding to create a feature-length horror movie.

Glass Cannon, which specialises in 2D animation, has already won awards on the short film festival circuit, but hopes an independent film company will snap up its new idea.

The company, a team of four, has collaborated with about 25 other film-makers in York to create a trailer demonstrating the feasibility of the film, called Frostbite, for only £400.

Stewart Sparke, co-writer and director, said: “Everyone has a passion to do it. They loved the idea and wanted to be involved.

“There’s such a massive film-making community in York”

He said that now they were finishing the script, which they hoped to put out with the trailer to producers early next year.

The business also takes commissions mainly on historical and cultural films, and has produced work for clients, such as a short film on Norse mythology which was shown on to the walls of Clifford’s Tower to launch the Jorvik Viking Festival this year.

Stewart said they specialised in films with historical and cultural accuracy, and that Frostbite, a story set in the 1960s about an Arctic research vessel that comes across a submarine missing since the Second World War and buried under ice for more than 20 years, is also based on as much factual background as possible.

The crew filmed at the Hull Maritime Museum, and have used photographs of ships and the Arctic to create realistic animation, which is mixed with live action.

The trailer was filmed in May and the company has been spending the last few months producing the trailer, with a 3D animation specialist from the United States working with to convert Glass Cannon’s designs into 3D.

Stewart said this meant they had made some good contacts and gained another skilled member of the team, enabling them to offer 3D animation now to clients too.

He said: “We wanted to prove we could pull it off ourselves and we would like to make it, but it is the harsh reality of the film industry that if an independent film company decides to invest, they may want to take complete control.”