JAMIE Inglis was yesterday expected to have received stem cells from his father as part of a procedure intended to boost his immune system and save his life.

The seven-year-old York school boy is seriously-ill in hospital in Germany where he is being treated for, and is in remission from, the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

However, Jamie has suffered complications due to his low immune system including the brain infection encephalitis, as well as sepsis and pneumonia.

As a result of the complications and the impact on his lungs, Jamie has undergone an operation to allow his blood to be oxygenated outside his body.

His father, John, said: “He is stable but unfortunately stable is not good enough. He needs to show an improvement of his pulmonary function for him to have a chance. I had my stem cells harvested (on Wednesday) which wasn’t the most comfortable procedure but nothing compared to what Jamie has to endure.”

To help the fundraising effort to pay for Jamie’s treatment - considered the only chance of saving his life - visit keepjamiesmiling.com