THE funeral of a young York boy who lost a three-year battle against cancer will take place next week at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Burdyke Avenue, Clifton.

Six-year-old Blaise Etheridge-Clarke, of Rawcliffe, who suffered from tumours on his brain and spine, died in his sleep early on Boxing Day.

Blaise had undergone repeated surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for his condition over three years until doctors said in the early autumn there was nothing more they could do to help him.

In 2010, he won a Child Of The Year award at The Press’s 2010 Community Pride Awards, for displaying exceptional bravery.

His mother, Theresa, said the funeral would take place at 11.30am next Wednesday, followed by burial at Fulford Cemetery at 12.45pm.

“All are welcome,” she said. “I don’t want to keep it private. If people want to come, they can come.”