NEW plans to give York’s most vulnerable residents more housing opportunities are set to be rubber-stamped.

A tenancy strategy looking at issues such as overcrowding, under-occupation, empty properties, homelessness and increased housing demand has been compiled by City of York Council officials. Tthe authority’s cabinet will now be asked to approve it.

The strategy, which will be reviewed annually, lays out guidelines for housing providers which they must adhere to, with the aim of ensuring York’s housing stock is “decent, safe and affordable”, and able to meet tenants’ needs over the next five years.

The council must have the framework in place by the end of January and it will be discussed by the cabinet on January 8.

Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing, said: “The demand for housing in York will continue to grow, and house-price rises and national welfare reforms are adding to the challenges faced by the city’s housing market and the ability of low-income households to gain access to housing or continue to afford the home they are in. This strategy will play a central role in ensuring a city-wide approach to creating a balanced housing market which offers choice and opportunity to everybody.”