A FAMILY walk in the woods prompted a search and rescue operation by firefighters when a disabled woman’s wheelchair got stuck in mud.

The 18-year-old, her mother and grandmother took a lengthy strolll near Oulston reservoir in the Hambleton Hills on Thursday.

Although her wheelchair was an all-terrain model, the mud was too thick and the group was unable to move it.

Acomb and Easingwold crews responded to their 999 call, but the light was going and the women were unable to describe their location with sufficient detail.

Firefighters mounted a search of the area and located the family by their cries for help.

They hauled the wheelchair out of the mud onto better ground. Some of the crews took the 65-year-old grandmother back to the family’s car while others stayed with the other two women until she could drive the car closer to them.

The firefighters then escorted the daughter and her mother, who was about 40 years old, to the road. None of the three were injured during their misadventure.