AN East Yorkshire village has been all but cut off and emergency services are working round the clock to keep water out of its homes.

Ground water and rainfall swelling a small river have combined to bring flooding to ten homes in Burton Fleming and a number of other properties are at risk of flooding.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council staff are doing door-to-door calls to reassure and help the residents of the village’s 363 properties near Bridlington.

Since the crisis began on Christmas Day, they have provided 1,230 sandbags, but water is coming up through the floorboards in some properties.

The Environment Agency has provided two pumps which are working non-stop to try and prevent water levels rising and says it has been asked for more help.

Humberside firefighters are carrying out pumping operations and Humberside Police have closed two roads leading into the village to prevent traffic causing waves.

The Gypsey Race stream, which runs by the village, is currently at 77cm. It is normally between 0cm and 60cm deep.

Council spokesman John Skidmore said: “We have unprecedented water levels.

“We don’t know when the situation will improve.

“We will will continue to remain there until that happens.”

Council bosses have reassured villagers that more sandbags will be available if water levels continue to rise.

Zoe Clarke, who lives in the village, said local farmers had helped out by delivering bales of hay to residents and people were now “just watching and waiting”, but more sandbags were needed.

After a sunnier but windy weekend, further rain and gales are expected later on Sunday and Monday.