A YORK family’s home is bursting at the seams this year after they defied odds of 200,000-to-one to celebrate Christmas with TWO sets of twins.

Earlier this year, The Press revealed proud parents Emma and John Power had welcomed another set of twins to go with their six-year-old boys, and they are going all out this Christmas.

Emma, 25, said it had been a crazy build-up to Christmas as not only had she Connor and Kyle to deal with and buy for, but also twin daughters Ruby and Jessica.

School kitchen assistant Emma said that although their two-bedroom home in York was going to be packed to the rafters she is over the moon that her parents have arrived from Australia to share the festivities.

She said: “It’s so busy with two sets of twins so I’'m glad my mum’s here as there would have been no decorations.

“It has been very hectic trying to take all four of them to see Santa. I’m not sure if the girls really knew what was happening but it was brilliant just to see their reactions. Connor and Kyle loved it of course.

“Getting presents is difficult for twins. Last year I got the boys different things and they didn’t stop arguing so this time they are getting the same.

“It’s a bit early for the girls, but I think they will probably be the same.

“You just have to make sure there is two of everything.

"All the work will be worth it though because this is going to be our best Christmas ever.

“It’s expensive, but it has to be the best day ever, especially for the girls.

“If I am being honest, the best present I could ask for is a rest.”

After being told by doctors there is a good chance she could give birth to triplets if she got pregnant again, Emma declared “not a chance”, she doesn’t think she and fishmonger husband John could handle anymore.

“I have got everything I wanted. I wanted a little girl and I got two.”