THE Calendar Girls have nothing on these plucky pensioners who are baring all for a nude fundraiser.

Residents of Jubilee Court, a sheltered housing complex in Haxby, York, have stripped off to raise money by producing a semi-nude calendar in time for Christmas.

The daring stunt took a great deal of courage for the 14 women and one man, two of whom are in their 90s.

Warden Lynne Brogan, 50, who features on the front of Calendar Grans 2007, said the idea came after the residents watched The Calendar Girls film.

She said: "We had been running out of ideas of how to raise money for our social fund, which pays for trips out, and we landed on the idea of a calendar.

"The photos were taken in each of the resident's homes and have been tastefully done in black and white. It's taken all of them a lot of guts and courage to do this once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it's just been such a lot of fun for us all."

Miss June, Jean MacDonald is, at 90, the oldest resident on the calendar.

She said: "It was really great fun to do. I was completely up for it and my family love the idea. They have ordered about a dozen calendars already."

The calendars are already on order for many family members and are set to be distributed as far away as America, Sweden, Germany and Canada.

Grandmother Isobella Laird, also 90, who is doing a fan dance as Miss August, said: "I am the resident who has lived here the longest - 28 years. I moved here in 1978.

"I'm quite a private person really, but this was a real laugh and, as somebody once said to me, if you have got it flaunt it."

Miss April, Olive Hyde, 83, said: "I wasn't wearing a lot, I was in the shower and had a towel in my hand. I'm not really shy. When you get to our age you're just past bothering."

Mr December, and the only man in the calendar, retired ambulance medical technician, Jim Harland, 66, said he was delighted with the end result.

He said: "The calendar looks absolutely great. We're all really pleased with it and we owe a debt of gratitude to our warden, Lynne, who has been the driving force behind it all."

The calendar was put together by Keith Meadley, who has been a professional photographer in York for 12 years and had never done a nude calendar before.

He said: "To be honest, when it was first mentioned I thought how great it was that some people in their latter years could turn round and do something like this."

There are 400 copies of the calendar going on sale at Jubilee Court, priced £5. It is expected to be available from shops in Haxby in time for Christmas.