Man left in fear by airgun attacks

9:22am Thursday 13th December 2012

By Dan Bean

A MAN whose home has been targeted by a series of airgun attacks has told of his fears if the culprits are not caught.

Vandals have caused damage costing hundreds of pounds to Paul Taylor’s double-glazed windows at his home in Bondgate, Selby, which has been targeted on three occasions in the last two years.

The latest incident happened at the end of November, with others on May 18, and in January 2011. Mr Taylor said the shootings had left him frightened in his own home.

He said: “The last time it happened, they broke two of three double-glazed windows. They shot two of them, which shattered completely, and the next time it was the centre one and that went through the plastic frame.

“It’s worrying because the sink is right in front of the window, and I’m frightened to be standing there doing the dishes. It’s got to the point where I’m frightened to walk down the drive for fear of getting one in the face. It sounds silly, but now I walk backwards down the drive, or put a hand over my face.”

Mr Taylor’s home is one of two properties in the area which have been targeted three times in recent months – the other in Wistow Road – and all the incidents have happened during daylight hours.

He said: “I’m scared stiff of getting one in the face. I shouldn’t be scared in my own garden. I’m scared cutting the grass in the summer. It’s obviously not an accident now. If it hits you in the eye it can blind you or worse.

“The problem is, how can police find them unless someone sees them? If they find out who it is I’m intending to prosecute. Not just for having my windows broken, but for the stress it’s causing, it’s scaring me to death.”

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman told The Press: “These were clearly acts of absolute stupidity.

“Even if the air rifle pellet itself does not cause injury, shards of flying glass may hit people.”

Anyone with information on the incidents should phone police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.


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