HIS last musical effort was viewed more than 200,000 times online. Now teacher Adam Dawson hopes his newest offering will be just as successful - in encouraging students to take A-level English.

“Tad Gram Style”, a parody of worldwide sensation Gangnam Style by staff at Tadcaster Grammar School, has been a runaway hit attracting national media attention and raising a small fortune for Children In Need.

Its creator, English teacher Mr Dawson, said his latest offering was intended to attract students to take AS and A-level English literature.

“Lost For Words – Why To Study English At A-Level” is an original track written and sung by Mr Dawson, with the help of singer and sixth form student Olivia Moore.

It features the lyrics: “Blank pages turn in every chapter of my soul, I need to read to find the words that make me whole.”

Mr Dawson said: “I was asked to make a promotional video to promote studying English literature at A-level. It’s about why English and language is so good.

“It’s building on the back of Tad Gram Style - the credibility of the English department is high, especially now, and it’s a way to make us stand out at A-level.

“The subject is about seeing the world through different perspectives and broadening horizons.”

The video has been shown in assembly and at open days at Tadcaster Grammer School.

There were fears that the video of Tad Gram Style, which includes members of staff doing the signature pony dancing made famous by Korean popstar Psy, would have to be removed from YouTube after Mr Dawson was contacted by Universal Music Publishing.

He said no further requests had been made by the business, and the video remains online.

However, he said he was glad Lost For Words is an original.