FATHER Christmas brought some festive cheer to retailers in Micklegate, York.

Ghost walker Charles Hunt dressed as Father Christmas, conducted a tour of shops and businesses to help the Micklegate Quarter promote its winter festival.

He visited Holy Trinity Church, the Christmas Fair at the Stained Glass Centre at St Martin-cum-Gregory Church, the Northern College of Acupuncture, Micklegate Post Office and opticians Binnington & Thurling among many other businesses.

Jonathan Binnington, partner of Binnington & Thurling, said: “It’s nice for all our customers to see him and got us all feeling quite festive. It is a nice boost to Micklegate and all the traders along the street.”

Amy Trumpeter, who runs fair trade social enterprise Kigali Crafts, which sells crafts made by Rwandan genocide survivors, said Santa’s visit attracted shoppers to the Stained Glass Centre at St Martin-cum-Gregory church where she had a stall.

“We are trying to get more shoppers over to this side of York,” she said.

Mr Hunt will also perform as Charles Dickens at Jacobs Well, the parish room for the Priory Church of the Holy Trinity, on Saturday, at 7pm.