FOUR brothers who ran a second-hand car dealing scam have been ordered to repay more than £844,000 from the benefits of their crime.

Paul, Ian, Gary and Melvyn Price were caught selling clocked cars which had had their mileage readings reduced by up to 200,000 miles, and were charged with fraud in 2011.

Yesterday, York Crown Court determined they had benefited by a combined total of £1,009,658.40, and ordered ringleader Paul, who was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment last year, to repay £411,321.90 in six months or face three years in prison.

Gary and Melvyn Price, both of Eggborough, were ordered to repay £69,650.50 and £134,397.38 respectively, or face 18 months or two years in prison if they fail to pay.

Ian Price, of Tingley, West Yorkshire, was ordered to pay £229,333.37 or face two years in prison. Councillor Chris Metcalfe, North Yorkshire County Council’s executive member for trading standards, who helped in the prosecution, said: “These individuals were convicted for their part in what was a serious and deliberate fraud.

“Many consumers lost out as a result of their actions. The Proceeds of Crime Act is an excellent tool which can be used to ensure crime does not pay and also that consumers are compensated fully for their losses.”

More than £40,300 from the money recovered will be used to compensate all the victims in the criminal case.