TWO people have been arrested after police recovered a haul of jewellery, believed to include part of the Lord Mayor of Bridlington’s chain of office.

An off-duty police officer spotted a woman acting suspiciously in Bridlington last Thursday and she had a lot of jewellery she could not explain.

The woman, a 26-year-old from Flamborough was arrested and the police investigation then led them to a 38-year-old Bridlington man as well.

Detective Sergeant Matthew Peach, from Bridlington CID said: “Bridlington has recently been hit hard by an unusually high influx of dwelling burglaries. Despite all our efforts, arresting and charging burglars who have been committing crime in Bridlington, we were still seeing a large increase in reported burglaries.”

Bridlington burglary victims are urged to visit Bridlington Police Station today to view the seized jewellery. The haul includes fine jewellery, watches, earrings, a Pandora chain, costume jewellery, cuff links, rings, and sentimental items.