THE family of a brave little boy undergoing pioneering cancer treatment in Germany said they are hoping for “a small miracle” to keep him safe.

York schoolboy Jamie Inglis is in remission from cancer, but is undergoing antibody treatment to help ensure his immune system will fight any rogue cancer cells in the future.

However, in recent days, Jamie, who lives in Kelfield, has suffered from complications which led doctors to battle for two hours to keep him breathing and stabilise his blood pressure. He is now on a respirator.

Jamie’s father, John, told The Press: “The drugs used to attack the virus have lowered his immune system so he is very vulnerable to sepsis and other infection. It’s a very difficult balance in managing one issue without creating significant secondary problems.

“The team in the ICU and oncology unit are working extremely hard to monitor him closely, adjusting or changing meds and ventilation to Jamie’s constantly changing clinical condition and using appropriate antibiotics to manage the infection risks.”

At the weekend, Jamie’s godfather, Tom Hardie, travelled to Germany to see him, and support the family.

He posted on Facebook: “Although Jamie is in an induced coma he responded to my voice by moving his fingers and when I touched his arm he lifted it and put it back down so I could place my hand underneath and hold him.

“John and Vicky are my closest friends yet they never cease to amaze me with their strength and determination to make Jamie better.”

John told The Press on Friday: “We just feel so helpless that we cannot help him. We do not regret attempting this therapy and knew that there were some risks, however we feel extremely unlucky that Jamie has developed such a rare and dangerous condition.

“Nobody predicted this so long after his transplant during the antibody phase. We can’t dwell on the past but need to focus on Jamie by the hour and just hope that a small miracle will take place.”

A post on the Keep Jamie Smiling community page from John and Vickie said: “Initially we were striving to get to day 100 without rejection but now we are striving just to get to day 100. The turnaround of events over the past few weeks have been pretty scary but if he continues the way he is then Jamie will come back fighting.”

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