THE creator of the internet hit Tad Gram Style has been asked to take it off the web.

The parody of worldwide sensation Gangnam Style by staff at Tadcaster Grammar School - which had last night been viewed more than 187,000 times - may have to be removed from You Tube after teacher Adam Dawson was contacted by Universal Music Publishing and asked to take it down.

It had been hoped the song, which is raising money for Children In Need, may be released as a single, but Mr Dawson has been told all adaptations of the Psy hit have been embargoed.

He said: “I think it’s a real shame. It’s had so much good publicity for Children In Need, for the school, students, staff – it’s been fantastic and I think it’s a shame they can’t continue that and release a single in its own right.

“It’s been a great success in its own right anyway. It’s been fun and I think it’s done a lot of good.”

He said money was still being donated and he hoped to negotiate with Universal.