A FOOTBALL club has been forced to postpone this weekend’s match after thieves stole a copper water tank.

The offenders broke into the boiler house of the Rigid Group Stadium, home of Selby Town Football Club, and ripped out a water heater tank, damaging piping and breaking the locks.

Club secretary Thomas Arkley has condemned the attack as “sickening”.

He said: “A storage tank has been left behind, but the showers have been left inoperable until we can get them repaired.

“We contacted the league and took some photos and they have said with the weather like it is, even if we get the pitch ready, we couldn’t have put the game on because we’ve no shower facilities. With this weather, everyone would have been coming off like rugby players.”

The club now has two weeks before they are next due to play a home game, and have urged anyone who can help with repairs or replacements to contact them.

Mr Arkley said: “We are all volunteers, it’s just sickening. We try our best, but we can’t monitor it 24 hours. We’re there most of the day and most of the night, but we can’t be there every hour. We’ve got jobs to do, and need to pay our own bills.

“We just find it difficult to understand. It’s just frustrating and it’s things like this that cause volunteers to say ‘I’ve had enough’. I’m not going anywhere, but it makes it harder, put it that way.”

The club is now monitoring CCTV recordings to check whether the thieves were caught on camera when they struck, overnight on Tuesday, and said they will lose some revenue from postponing this weekend’s match against Askern Villas.

As it is likely to be replayed on a Tuesday, they say this will mean a lower attendance, and less funds for the club.

He said: “It’s something else we could have done without. Between running the club and paying the bills, it’s just unnecessary expense and it all happens at once.

“We have a few friendly plumbers who might be able to do it at mate’s rates, but any help will be much appreciated. Without sounding like a poor charity we’ve just got to get on with it. The ground’s out of action until police have done their bit and then until the repairs happen.”

Anyone who can help is urged to phone Mr Arkley on 01757 700356 or 07830218657.