A DRINK driver has been banned for more than four years and expects to lose her job after she drove through Selby while three-and- a-half times the legal alcohol limit.

Martin Townend, prosecuting, said police were contacted after Joanne Kathleen Miller drove from Selby town centre to a parking place in Cogg Mill Gardens, off Holmes Road. It was the second time Miller, 39, had been caught drink-driving.

In 2006, she was banned from driving for two years for a similar offence and fined £400. Miller’s solicitor, Vicky Latham, said she had told her employers about the court case.

“She has been told it is almost inevitable she will lose her employment. The matter will be dealt with internally by her employers. She knows the situation – as a result of this conviction and disqualification, her employment will not continue.”

Miller, of Galtres Drive, Easingwold, pleaded guilty to drink driving. She had originally denied the charge.

Magistrates said because of the distance Miller had driven and the level of alcohol in her breath, they would disqualify her for four years and four months. They also ordered her to do 12 months’ supervision with £150 costs.

Mr Townend said a breath test taken after her arrest gave a reading of 117 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 micrograms. Miller initially told police she had had an alcoholic drink after she had stopped driving.

By law, a driver must be banned for a minimum of three years if they are caught drink-driving for a second time within ten years.

Ms Latham said Miller had issues. Her doctor had certified her as being unfit to work and it was not clear when she would be fit enough. If she received support and help, it was unlikely she would be back before a court.

Before passing sentence, magistrates read a probation officer’s report giving details of Miller’s problems.