SECRETS do not belong in a marriage, say a couple who are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary today.

Keith and Anne Craig, now both 81 and from Easingwold, married at Easingwold register office on November 22, 1952, following a three-year courtship.

“I was on leave from the Army,” said Mr Craig. “We got special licence on the Friday, married on Saturday, and I went back to Abergweny, South Wales, on the Sunday. We had no chance for a honeymoon because I was on draft to Singapore.

“It was cancelled, in the end, and we moved to married quarters, until I left the army in 1955 and came back to Easingwold.”

Mr Craig went on to work for the York Health Authority, while Mrs Anne, who was a children’s nurse when they met, became a nurse at York Hospital.

Asked for the secret to a happy marriage, Mr Craig said: “Just say what you think and don’t have any secrets, get it out in the open if there’s anything you want to say.”

The couple, who have a son, John, will celebrate with family and friends this weekend at the George Hotel, Easingwold.