A FAIRGROUND ride dating back to the 1930s has been restored in a shed outside Malton and is now set to be installed at York’s Christmas ice rink.

Lakin’s Ark Speedway has been brought back to its former glory by James Cundall, boss of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, the Malton-based company behind the Ice Factor rink at the Designer Outlet.

Mr Cundall said he could not resist the restoration challenge, revealing how his first job at the age of 14 was working on John Warrington’s funfair at Flamingo Land in Pickering.

“Within days, I got the sack as, according to John, I was useless and spent more time talking to girls,” he said.

“But this brief introduction to the world of funfairs, and the exquisite rides I was working on started a lifelong passion in me and this year I have finally been able to see that passion come to life.”

Mr Cundall bought three lorry-loads of old wood and rusting mechanics which had benn neglected for almost 30 years and contacted specialists in vintage fairground rides for advice. Then more than 30 craftspeople and tradesmen, mostly from Malton and York, worked a total of 10,000 manhours to painstakingly reproduce the look of the original ride.

The ride and rink will be open daily from Saturday November 24 until January 6.