A BT engineer who was seriously hurt and scarred for life when a car ploughed into him as he worked beside the road in York has received £30,000 in damages.

Stuart Calvert, 64, had to have a metal plate screwed into his face after the accident in Water Lane, Clifton.

He also suffered a ruptured spleen and collapsed lung, along with fractures to his shoulder, ribs, pelvis and cheekbone. “It was the worst experience of my entire life,” said the father-of-three from Holgate. “I was bed-bound and couldn’t move for weeks, and the painkillers I was on caused me to hallucinate.

“It was a scary time for me, and really distressing for my family to see me like that.”

Now his solicitor, Sophie Davies of Irwin Mitchell, who says his settlement will cover the care and support he has required during rehabilitation, is urging motorists to be more vigilant ‘so that other people’s lives are not turned upside down by injuries that could have been prevented.’ She said Mr Calvert’s life had been changed forever: “He has undergone courses of acupuncture and physiotherapy, but the pain in his face and back will have to be managed by painkillers in future and he needs help with any lifting or strenuous tasks around the house.

“Although he has made a remarkable recovery from what was a truly horrific incident, the scars on his face will provide a lifelong reminder of the ordeal he suffered.”

She said he had been setting up to work outside Clifton Telephone Exchange when the accident happened on Christmas Eve 2010. “He and his colleague had unhooked the trailer from their van and were moving it into position over a manhole at the side of a road when an oncoming car hit the trailer,” she said.

“While his colleague managed to dive out of the way, Stuart took the full impact as the car slammed into the trailer. Stuart was left unconscious, over the side of the trailer.”

She said he had to take eight months off work with his injuries, and despite returning for a short period, could not manage the manual work required and retired after just a few months.