YOU may have danced to the worldwide hit Gangnam Style, but perhaps not Tad Gram Style.

It is probably only a matter of time, however, as a parody of the number one sensation by teachers and pupils at Tadcaster Grammar School had yesterday already been viewed more than 10,000 times on YouTube.

Tad Gram Style shows teachers and students singing along to a Yorkshire-themed version of the hit while doing the signature pony dancing in front of local sights including Tadkebab, the library, the school kitchen and a bus stop.

A Facebook group, ‘‘Tad Gram Style for Christmas #1’’, was being followed by more than 400 people within hours of being set up yesterday.

Among the online comments, one person commended the video was “marvellous and very clever” and another remarked that it had been played twice on Minster FM within half an hour.

The track is sung by teacher Adam Dawson while other staff members dance in the background.

The lyrics of the orginal Gangnam Style by South Korean pop star Psy have been adapted from “Hey, sexy lady! Op, op, op, op. Oppa Gangnam Style” to “Hey Yorkshire Pudding! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! We’ve got Tad Gram Style”.

Other lyrics include “We are from Yorkshire, the home of puddings and Yorkshire tea, allegedly. We’ve all got ferrets inside our trousers, so don’t come near, that much is clear.

“So we all wear our flat caps and have whippets here. But we’ve got Tad Gram Style.”

It is hoped the video will help to raise money for Children in Need.

Geoff Mitchell, headteacher at Tadcaster Grammar School, declined to comment on the film.

Psy’s song “Gangnam Style,” which features a horseriding-style dance, went viral on video-sharing website YouTube.

It has been viewed more than 665 million times on YouTube since it was released in mid-July – inspiring numerous tributes and parodies around the world.