PUMPKIN-carving skills are all the rage in the classroom and at home.

Dave Turner’s were recognised overnight last year after he tweeted a few pictures of the celebrity faces he carved into pumpkins.

By the next morning he had orders rolling in, and he spent the season carving pumpkins at York Maze.

Following the success of last year, Dave has set up a new company, Pump’kd, with help from his housemate, who set up a website, business mentor Owen Turner, of United By Design, who produced a logo and Tom Pearcy, owner of York Maze, who has helped him develop stencils for other people to be able to replicate his designs.

Dave will carve pumpkins again at York Maze, during its Hallowscream event, and has also been asked to carve pumpkins for shops and bars across York.

He has also been asked by schools and community groups, such as Lord Deramore’s School to demonstrate his work and encourage creativity among children.

He said: “The business has just rocketed over the last couple of weeks with people getting involved.”

Next year Dave hopes to hold pumpkin carving classes and will look at ways of keeping the business going year-round, such as carving watermelons for events such as weddings.