A burst of berry colours

York Press: Cotoneaster plants for Gina..Pic :Nigel Holland (11158282)

1:51pm Saturday 18th October 2014

GINA PARKINSON explores the bright berries of autumn, welcoming them as we say goodbye to the summer flowers.

Beat those Michaelmas blues

York Press: Aster plants for Gina...Pics:Nigel Holland (11158103)

1:05pm Saturday 11th October 2014

GINA PARKINSON charts the tricky progress of a new Michaelmas daisy as it stands against an onslaught of slugs and snails.

Anenomes are made of this

York Press:

8:00am Saturday 4th October 2014

GINA PARKINSON sings the praises of Japanese anemones, which have been enjoying the warm start to autumn.

Something special in Cornwall

York Press: Nasturtium...pic for Gina.Nigel Holland (10111643)

12:09pm Saturday 27th September 2014

Gina Parkinson is won over by her first visit to the Eden Project.

Geraniums - the hardy flower that adds colour for months

York Press:

12:57pm Saturday 20th September 2014

GINA PARKINSON is happy to sing the praises of geraniums, the hardy species that can bloom for months.

A splash of colour

York Press: Begonia....pic for Gina.Nigel Holland (10111592)

12:43pm Saturday 13th September 2014

WE SEEM to have a fallow time for flowers in our garden during July, but once August arrives the gaps slowly begin to refill and by the time we get into September the late summer flowers are with us.

Cutting edge advice for summer pruning

York Press:

8:00am Wednesday 10th September 2014

Former senior police officer MIKE I’ANSON, who swapped villains for violets in his role as manager of Helmsley Walled Garden, cuts to the chase with pruning.

Cottage garden delights with a real spire

York Press:

2:42pm Saturday 6th September 2014

GINA PARKINSON reports on a new member of the Foxglove plant family called ‘Illumination Pink’.

Perfect blunder in the garden

York Press: (9803561)

2:24pm Saturday 30th August 2014

A LOT of clearing and cutting back is being done in our garden at the moment, as beds are being changed and a couple of trees have died. Consequently some areas are looking rather bare and alien to my style of gardening, which is to fill every available space.

Helmsley Walled Garden throws open its gate for charity

York Press: The Helmsley Walled Garden. Picture : Garry Atkinson (6484313)

10:28am Wednesday 27th August 2014

HELMSLEY Walled Garden, pictured, will be opening its doors on Sunday, September 7, in aid of two charities, Perennial and the National Gardens Scheme (NGS).

Verbena is looking so good this year

York Press:

1:57pm Saturday 23rd August 2014

GINA PARKINSON welcomes the cheering sight of the tender penennial Verbena.

Garden expert shares his skills

York Press: FESTIVE FUN: Kiplin Hall

12:18pm Saturday 16th August 2014

A LEADING garden expert is passing on his skills by showing keen amateurs how to plan a herbaceous border.

Climbers at their peak

York Press:

8:00am Saturday 16th August 2014

GINA PARKINSON considers the effects of heavy summer rain and the new beds she wants to make near the house

Sowing seeds to success

York Press: LIVING HELMSLEY - Helmsley walled garden. Picture: Matt Clark (9022620)

11:14am Friday 15th August 2014

MIKE I’ANSON, of Helmsley Walled Garden, helps spread the joy of gardening

When herbs are forgotten

York Press: (9078795)

12:56pm Saturday 9th August 2014

GINA PARKINSON finds that plans to really use the herb bed this year have gone awry again, despite all those good intentions.

Evening star in the sun

York Press:

3:00pm Saturday 2nd August 2014

GINA PARKINSON welcomes plants that introduce themselves to her garden, including the evening primrose

Shrubbing along beautifully

York Press:

12:46pm Saturday 26th July 2014

GINA PARKINSON on the fashions for plants and why she has soft spot for hydrangeas

Residents open gardens to raise funds for St Mary's Priory

York Press: Gardeners Tony and Phil Hemesley prepare to open their Malton Garden to visitors.pic: Anthony Chappel-Ross (8353350)

12:21pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

RESIDENTS in Old Malton are to open their gardens to the public this weekend to raise funds for St Mary's Priory.

A buzzing dilemma for gardeners

York Press:

7:00am Saturday 19th July 2014

GINA PARKINSON wonders what she should do after discovering a wasps’ nest in her garden. Should she be alarmed or pleased?

Senecio: adding Sunshine to the garden

York Press: (8056691)

1:09pm Saturday 12th July 2014

GINA PARKINSON finds a plant with a touch of yellow fever.

Supporting animals and insects in the garden

York Press: P 8/5/98: Picture of the week - Young blackbirds feeding in their nest at St.Mary's Church Boys Sunday School Room, at Tadcaster. Picture David Harrison. (7843182)

4:17pm Thursday 10th July 2014

BRIAN the blackbird, so named by our gardeners is currently raising a brood in the beech hedge separating the vegetable garden from the main border.

Height of attraction

York Press: (7866363)

2:36pm Saturday 5th July 2014

I LOVE tall elegant perennials to put among smaller plants in beds and borders. They don’t need to live at the back of a bed either, as many have airy growth through which other things can be viewed.

The mighty weed

York Press: (7616296)

1:20pm Saturday 28th June 2014

GINA PARKINSON finds that sometimes a ‘weed’ can be beautifully rewarding

Flowering at long last

York Press: (7361990)

2:00pm Saturday 21st June 2014

After three years, GINA PARKINSON’S patience is finally rewarded when a peony flowers in a bed hewn from concrete

Prostanthera shrub proves to be pot luck

York Press: Prostanthera..Nigel Holland. for gina parkinson (6671666)

11:52am Saturday 14th June 2014

GINA PARKINSON strikes it lucky with a plant bought on the market.

The final push planting up the garden

York Press: Gina's gardening column pic. Pink Aquilegia. Pic: Mike Tipping (6671420)

12:56pm Saturday 7th June 2014

This first week in June is such a busy month for the garden but it is the final push and once all the planting has been done it will be time to relax and enjoy the fruits of the labour.

Iris makes a big comeback

York Press: (6641068)

1:52pm Saturday 31st May 2014

One flower bed suffered greatly in last year’s hot summer. GINA PARKINSON now reaps the benefits of starting over again.

Helmsley Walled Garden named as one of country's prettiest

York Press: Marketing Manager Tricia Harris with the Laburnum Arch in the Helmsley Walled Garden. Picture : Garry Atkinson (6484190)

12:28pm Wednesday 28th May 2014

HELMSLEY Walled Garden has been named one of the prettiest in the country.

This yellow flower might start an invasion

York Press: (6493520)

2:08pm Saturday 24th May 2014

DOTTED about our garden in sun and shade is a yellow-flowered plant with wavy edged leaves and small double blooms. It is attractive but seems to be spreading itself rather well, which can be an indication that a plant is invasive.

Scent packing for spring

York Press: (6267837)

12:19pm Saturday 17th May 2014

A tall and scented spring-flowering viburnum rewards the senses for GINA PARKINSON.

Kerria japonica: Turning on a yellow star

York Press: (6070800)

1:37pm Saturday 10th May 2014

GINA PARKINSON sings the praises of a May plant that might seem ordinary but which has its own beauty.

Snowflakes for summer

York Press: Summer snowflake in the border

1:33pm Saturday 3rd May 2014

GINA PARKINSON welcomes the arrival of the summer snowflake, a late reminder of the snowdrop

Arrival of a perfect moment

York Press: Tulip, euphorbia and hellebore

8:00am Saturday 26th April 2014

GINA PARKINSON finds the year is racing ahead as we approach the end of April

BBC gardening judge at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show

York Press: York Press logo - zxc

10:18am Wednesday 23rd April 2014

THE judge from a BBC gardening show will appear at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show this week.

‘Red Robin’ really lights up the garden

York Press: (5537285)

12:26pm Saturday 19th April 2014

GINA PARKINSON finds that a sunny April morning is the perfect time to admire the photinia she is growing as a hedge.

Create a haven for bees

York Press: York Press logo - zxc

10:06am Wednesday 16th April 2014

GARDENERS in Yorkshire have been urged to create bee-friendly gardens to help protect insects threatened by habitat loss and climate change.

Humpty Dumpty has a great spring

York Press: (5353909)

1:56pm Saturday 12th April 2014

EUPHORBIAS are reaching their peak of perfection as they enjoy the mild and damp spring we have had this year. These majestic plants are a dramatic sight in the early garden, the lime green of their flowers combining with daffodils for a bright splash of sunshine in a corner.

Garden expert talk a sell-out

York Press: BBC radio gardening expert Joe Maiden chats with (left) Head Chef Craig Atchinson and General Manager David Macdonald during his visit to the Talbot Hotel in Malton.

9:51am Wednesday 9th April 2014

BBC Radio’s gardening guru Joe Maiden gave a talk at the Talbot Hotel in Malton.

Pieris comes good as April gets busy

York Press: Pieris

1:08pm Saturday 5th April 2014

GINA PARKINSON welcomes a relatively hardy shrub which comes into its own in the spring.

Twisted tree that turns into a real star

York Press: Contorted hazel

2:40pm Saturday 29th March 2014

GINA PARKINSON has grown to love the contorted hazel with his twisted trunk and ringlets of branches

Top tips on how to get gardening

York Press: York Press logo - zxc

11:11am Friday 28th March 2014

A PAIR of experts from York are to support National Gardening Week by encouraging York residents to get gardening.

A tough touch for the spring

York Press: IN BLOOM:  Hepatica, a tough plant that can cope with any aspect apart from deep shade in a north-facing site

1:32pm Saturday 22nd March 2014

GINA PARKINSON reports on bringing spring colour to a raised bed

Primulas spring into view

York Press: Primulas spring into view

2:51pm Saturday 15th March 2014

SPRING sprang last Sunday with clear skies and plenty of warm sunshine.

Pulmonaria - a cottage favourite

York Press: Pulmonaria

1:21pm Saturday 8th March 2014

GINA PARKINSON welcomes a commonplace plant that is one of her favourites and remains a true cottage garden specimen.

Springing on stage

York Press: A crocus which has come out in the early spring sunshine

2:29pm Saturday 1st March 2014

GINA PARKINSON welcomes the spring crocus and the suggestion it gives of what is to come this year.

Winter-flowering Lenten rose

York Press: Lenten rose or Helleborus x hybridus. Picture: Mike Tipping

2:04pm Saturday 22nd February 2014

GINA PARKINSON sings the praises of a winter-flowering hellebore more commonly known as the Lenten rose.

Gardener Joe Maiden to give talk at Malton

York Press: Gardener Joe Maiden to give talk at Malton

11:00am Wednesday 19th February 2014

Gardening guru Joe Maiden will be at the Talbot Hotel, in Malton, on Thursday, February 27.

Making a good impression in the garden

York Press: BBC Radio York presenter Julia Lewis, left, chats to Gina in Gina’s garde

1:59pm Saturday 15th February 2014

Gina Parkinson puts her nose to the grindstone as she gets her garden ready for a special guest.

Flowering inferno

York Press: Matthew Smith, of Brighter Blooms, Preston, arranges his design, Tulips From Amsterdam

1:30pm Saturday 15th February 2014

Matt Clark previews the Harrogate Spring Flower Show

Plant of the month: Snowdrop

York Press: Snowdrops

12:50pm Saturday 8th February 2014

GINA PARKINSON profiles what must be one of the nation’s favourite winter flowers.

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