FOURPURE brewery are a new one on me; a UK micro brewery that's gone right for the cans.

Sure, Beavertown have started filling cans recently, and Brewdog made a big fuss when they started playing with the format, but Fourpure seem to have just gotten on with it.

Another London brewery new to our shelves, started by ex-homebrewers who wanted to add their own take on a variety of world beer styles for our enjoyment, this time unfined (read: vegan friendly), unfiltered, and canned with yeast in-situ.

Pouring mid-copper with tangerine highlights, and a thick, foamy, head, this was a lively effervescent beer with excellent head retention. The aroma is bursting with pecan nuts, ground ginger, marzipan and parma violets, while a caramel malt edge works its way throughout.

The flavour is surprisingly neutral: not flavourless, I hasten to add, but not dry, not sweet, everything here is clean and carefully balanced. Oatmeal and Hobnob biscuits provided sweetness, countered by the rustic crunch of All Bran. Amaretto sweetness is countered by a fruity liquorice and black coffee sourness.

A rich, sweet, malty biscuit finish is balanced with a sharp acidity from zesty, cascade hops.

It's not about to blow your mind, it's 'just' a well-crafted, refreshing beer; one I expect to enjoy several times over the remaining summer days.

Recommended by Michael Bates, Trembling Madness, York