AUDIENCES at York Theatre Royal are being given the chance to invest in the new musical Delphi, a love story set in ancient Greece that promises to be "funny, exciting and a little bit cheeky".

This show in development is being written by Rob Castell and Paul O’Mahony and developed by the Theatre Royal and producers Richard Darbourne and Andrew Treagus.

What are the ingredients for a great musical? Performers, designer, director, composer, writers, producers, text, music, story and a week of workshops. Then add an audience and serve on a Friday evening at 7.30pm.

Members of the audience tonight will be given a glass of fizz and all the information needed to become a Theatre Goddess and invest in Delphi. The team will share the work so far, along with a crash-course in how musicals are made, from conception to opening night.

"Initially you make a pledge only," explains Theatre Royal artistic director Damian Cruden. "Shares will be a minimum of £25. After signing up, you can follow the project's development via special events."

This evening's launch is free but pre-booking is requested on 01904 623568.