THE gyrating dance routines, neon glow sticks and screaming women made you think you were at a Take That concert. And you’d be right – well kind of.

York was playing host to Take That tribute band Back For Good, who recreated the magic of the most loved boy-band in Britain.

In the well-produced stage production, old and new classics were performed, from Relight My Fire and Babe to Patience and Greatest Day, plus many more.

The four guys played their roles down to a T, mimicking each original member, and every little detail was covered including accents, outfits, singing and dance moves. They even had their mannerisms down perfectly, from Mark’s fidgeting to Jason’s hand movements. It showed a dedication to their job.

“Gary’s” vocals were spot on. If you closed your eyes, you would think the real Gary Barlow had stepped on to the stage, and when “Mark” sang Hold Up A Light, the similarity between voices was amazing.

Costume changes were fast and impressive, with the guys sporting glittering tuxedos, clown outfits and military jackets. The dancers wore leotards and brightly-coloured dresses, but did tend to detract from the main act – which was a little disappointing.

It took a couple of songs before things got going. But as soon as Greatest Day was performed, most of the audience were out of their seats singing and dancing along. Even the boyfriends and husbands got up and had a little dance.