MARGO Price makes the tricky second album sound painless. Since her striking debut broke through in 2016, she has been touring relentlessly, and despite Midwest Farmer’s Daughter being overlooked by Nashville (no loss there), Price stands out as someone who has worked hard for success and has something to say.

Here she rails against the gender pay gap and continues her attack on the country establishment on Cocaine Cowboys. Like early Elvis Costello, she likes to pull off vocal puns and tricks.

The title track is a sonic tour de force and pulls no punches in its lament for the death of the American Dream. Reaching back to material from her previous bands proves astute, and the broader palette includes more soul flavours (A Little Pain) to season the commercial honky tonk.

In Price’s duet with Willie Nelson she comes off the winner in their gentle vocal sparring. The production is less conservative and her confidence is growing. A savvy step forward from a bright-burning star.