LEGALLY they can no longer use the name, but to the world Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Jay Aston and long-term colleague Bobby McVay will forever be Bucks Fizz.

Unquestionably one of the most successful pop acts of the Eighties, the band scored 22 hits; moreover, their back catalogue proved rich pickings for Tina Turner, who covered What’s Love Got To Do With It, and Cher, who scored a sneaky hit with Heart Of Stone.

Their ear for a hit tune should serve The Fizz well, as Dancing In The Rain has already achieved huge radio play, and Up For The Fight and Break The Ice are heading this way fast. The F-Z Of Pop is produced by pop aristocracy, namely Mike Stock, from the legendary S.A.W partnership.

Anyone who has ever loved joyful, melodic undiluted pop should check out this collection. The deluxe set includes updated versions of My Camera Never Lies, The Land Of Make Believe and Piece Of The Action. Hear them again at Leeds City Varieties on October 12.