IMPOSSIBLY trendy and as cool as a Scandinavian winter, Gothenburg's Little Dragon are a darling band for the likes of Clash and Rolling Stone magazines.

The band’s last album, Nabuma Rubberband, featured on several Best Albums of the year listings, and received a nomination for Best Dance/ Electronic Album at the 57th Grammy Awards.

Moreover, Little Dragon have collaborated on a bunch of guest albums, of which Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach is probably their best known. Taking their influences from the 1990s' Janet Jackson boudoir catalogue and the more intimate side of Prince, Little Dragon have identified a very specific audience. Yet, whereas for Jackson and Prince, the song was always paramount, Little Dragon focus more on mood and atmosphere and have little regard for conventional song structure.

Destined to be adored by the cognoscenti and invisible to the majority, the sparse calculated ambience of Season High is classy but vacuous background mood music which certainly would not be out of place on a sepia Nordic crime drama.