I’m not your typical demographic for a Little Mix concert – being 34, male and a bit of an 80s electro fan – nevertheless when the opportunity came up in the office to review them at York Racecourse I knew that my daughter would never speak to me again if I didn’t take the chance!

As the time approached for the show to start the crowds starting filling up, until a sea of young girls and boys with obvious delight on their faces surrounded me chanted “Little Mix!” over and over, willing the four 2011 X-Factor winners onto stage.

I left my daughter in the throng of excited pre-teens or, as the band call their fans, “Little Mixers”, and retreated to the side with a few of the other middle-aged, boring parents and settled down to watch the show.

The four energetic ladies bounced onto stage and the scream went up from the predominately pre-teen audience, and Little Mix launched enthusiastically into their routine. Three costume changes later and I have to say I was enjoying the show.

Though I am not saying I am a converted fan, the obvious joy on my daughter’s face while she was singing along and waving her arms, along with a whole host of others, is something that is a thrill for any parent, and something I am grateful for.

Well done Little Mix. A great show overall and you even got me singing along towards the end... these wings are meant to fly!

- Shaun Sables