YORK teenage filmmaker Daniel Maule will screen the premiere of his new short film, Form, at the home of Orillo Productions, in 3 Apollo Street, York, on Sunday night.

"Form is the character study of John, a young actor struggling to cope with the fact none of his work means anything to him, leading him to question his passion and the reason he started acting in the first place," says Daniel, director, screenwriter and cinematographer for the na.pictures film company.

York Press:

An outside shot in Form, filmed on Horsman Avenue, Fishergate, York

"We shot the 16-minute film at the end of June and have just finished post-production on it this week, with Jacob Ward playing John and Danielle Daggett playing Amber, and the film also features the actors Tony Goodall and Lora Moss."

The 8pm screening is free and open to the public. "So if people want to see the film they just have to turn up at 20:00," says Daniel. "There's also a bar in the building that people will be able to buy drinks from."

York Press:

York filmmaker Daniel Maule

Daniel, 19, has just completed his A-Level film, media, photography and fine art studies at York College. "Although I had the choice to go on to further education, I've chosen to instead get into the industry straight away since I think I'll get a much more hands-on and valuable experience from it," he says.

To watch the trailer for Form, here is the link: youtube.com/watch?v=r7W-2clTzL0

Did you know?

na.pictures stands for Not-Applicable Pictures, in case you were wondering.

York Press:

Danielle Daggett as Amber