WILD, brooding and atmospheric. Ben Snowden has captured the stark, bleak area in which he grew up in a series of striking paintings, as can be seen at Kunsthuis Gallery's summer show at Dutch House, Mill Green Farm, Crayke, near York, until Sunday.

Raised in and around Keighley, he has transplanted his vision of the hills and moors into his art. "I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world," he says. "It’s amazing how the landscape is constantly changing and evolving through atmosphere, creation and destruction. It’s relentless, greatly inspiring and always beautiful.

"My painting is all about experimentation. When I’m painting, I only use a few colours at a time; by using a limited palette, I’m constantly pushing the materials as far as I can. Everything is possible. The most colourful paintings are the ones with the least amount of colour."

Ben employs graphite, enamel, oils, household paints and other materials on surfaces including cloth, textiles, paper, card, board, wood and slate. "I use things that I find. I’ve always believed that you can create art from anything, be resourceful and use what you’ve got. That’s the challenge," he says. "My main focus is to create work that evokes the senses and ultimately communicates a positive and constructive view of the world."

Ben has always been drawn to painting and drawing. "I loved the fact that anything was possible with these mediums. You just have to work hard to find out what kind of artist you are and what you want to paint or draw," he says. "It’s about finding your expression and your subject then trying to create your own language."

He does not do any preliminary drawings. "I just dive straight in and start painting with whatever materials I have to hand. I never know how the paintings are going to end up; creation is achieved through experimentation. That’s why I love painting: everything is a gamble, it’s exciting not knowing what is going to happen," he says.

Ben's passion for his art shines through. "I put every bit of my heart, mind and soul into my painting. It can be beautiful, it can be ugly, but that’s the best part, it’s an honest expression of yourself. Every painting I work on gives me great satisfaction because I’m always searching for something," he says.

"My work explores the relationships and ideas between subject and emotion, combining visceral energy with experience through painting. Inspired by the human form, poetry and the natural world, I use the language of abstraction to create work that emphasises on mood and expression to determine the overall feeling of the paintings."

Looking ahead, Ben will be taking part in the Ilkley Art Trail from October 5 to 8 at Ilkley Manor House.